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What do we need to bring ?

Your passport details are required to purchase a Turkish property along with a local tax number. We will take you to the tax office to obtain a local tax number for you. Your tax number is also required to open your bank account in Turkey. You will also need four passport photographs;

Do we need a lawyer ?

Although it is not compulsory to use a lawyer to buy a Turkish property, we strongly recommend you do. We have a panel of independent Turkish lawyers should you choose to use one based both in Turkey and the UK. A lawyer will typically charge approx 1,000 for their services, to this you need to add the purchase tax (3.3% on the declared value of your property in Turkey), accommodation tax, water and electricity connections charges, notary fee and translation fees. Depending on the value of your property you should typically allow £3,000 for all these fees and costs. Ask for a quote from a lawyer before you use them.

Can I send the Money for the sale from abroad ?

Once you have signed the contract on the Turkish property you wish to buy, you can transfer the money into our Garanti Bank account or the developers account whichever is easier. If you are going to transfer the money directly from your own bank we recommended you use a specialist commercial foreign exchange company for the best exchange rates.

Any Extra Fees ?

Property Shop Kusadasi sells the property in Turkey at the price the builder/developer charges for new property , plus 3% commision is payable to Property Shop.

How long is the Title Deed Process ?

Dependent upon the Turkish Government offices it may take up to 3 months to receive the final Freehold Title Deeds (Tapu) for your Turkish property. First your application goes to a regional Tapu office then to a Military Head office to check the property is not in a restricted or Military Zone. This is really a formality and when everything is approved, it takes just one day to complete the property transfer. Once approval has been granted you go to the Tapu office with a translator to sign your freehold ownership documents.

Completing The Purchase ?

Once your application has been approved by the Government and the military, both the vendor and buyer must be represented at the Land Registry Office for entry of the Title Deed into the Land Registry. Most buyers prefer to go to Turkey to attend personally, although it is not necessary as you can appoint a Power of Attorney to attend in your place.

This can be your lawyer if you have used one, a husband/wife, partner, our office staff in Turkey or anyone else you trust. There are various forms that are required before completion, but they are quite straightforward and we will be pleased to help. The cost for a Power of Attourney is approx £200 and includes the translater and Notary fees.

Will I pay Tax if I sell my property ?

At present, if you sell your Turkish Property within the first 5 years of your ownership there is a 15% sliding scale property capital gains tax due on any profit. After 5 years it is capital gains free. Any tax paid to the Turkish government will be offset in the UK due to the Reciprocal Taxation agreement between Turkey and the UK.

Can we get a Will made in Turkey ?

Once your Turkish property is registered in your name, it is advisable to update your UK will referring to your new home. Your UK will is legal in Turkey, but if you want belt and braces it is advised to make a will in Turkey. Our office will be happy to supply details of lawyers. It is not necessary but will help to avoid delays.

Can you organise Househole insurance for us ?

When you finally get your deeds it is advisable to insure your Turkish property - our office will be pleased to help you to arrange it ...